Test Your Skills in Real-Time Combat

Are you ready to take your boxing skills to the next level? Join our in-house sparring sessions, a thrilling opportunity to engage in live boxing exchanges. This class is exclusively for individuals aged 18 and above, designed for those who crave the challenge of real-time combat.

What to Expect:

  • Real-Time Combat: Our in-house sparring sessions offer the chance to put your training to the test in live boxing exchanges. It’s the ultimate challenge for those seeking to apply their techniques in real combat scenarios.
  • Safety First: Your safety is our top priority. To ensure a secure environment, we require participants to bring their own headgear, mouthguard, and 16oz gloves. These protective measures are essential for your well-being during sparring.
  • Experienced Coaches: Our experienced coaches will oversee the sessions, providing guidance, maintaining control, and fostering a respectful atmosphere. They are there to ensure that every sparring session is conducted safely and professionally.

Benefits of In-House Sparring:

  • Skill Application: Sparring allows you to apply the techniques you’ve learned in training, helping you gain practical experience and refine your strategy.
  • Reaction Training: Test your reactions and adaptability in real-time combat situations, improving your ability to respond effectively to different styles and opponents.
  • Building Confidence: As you gain experience in the ring, your confidence will soar. Sparring is a powerful tool for boosting self-assurance both inside and outside the ring.
  • Boxing Proficiency: Live sparring is an integral part of becoming a proficient boxer. It helps improve your overall boxing proficiency and elevates your understanding of the sport.
  • Adrenaline and Camaraderie: Step into the ring and experience the adrenaline rush that comes with live sparring. Build camaraderie with fellow participants as you challenge each other to become better boxers.

Who Can Join:

Our in-house sparring sessions are open to individuals aged 18 and above who have prior boxing experience. Whether you’re preparing for competitive bouts or simply want to enhance your skills, our sparring sessions provide the platform to do so.

Ready to Embrace the Challenge?

If you're ready to embrace the challenge of live sparring, step into the ring and experience the exhilaration of real-time combat.

Join Our Sparring Sessions Today

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot in our in-house sparring sessions now. Contact us to take the next step in your boxing journey and elevate your skills to new heights.

Note: Prior to participating in any sparring sessions, ensure you consult with your healthcare provider, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.