Gym Operations Manager

Shamsu is our Gym Operations Manager, with a special talent for keeping things in order and functioning smoothly. From day one, Shamsu has been an essential part of our team, ensuring every problem is solved. Whether it's keeping the equipment in top shape, handling repairs, or maintaining a spotless environment, Shamsu's dedication and expertise ensure that our members always enjoy a clean and well-maintained space.


Front Gym Coordinator

Marciel, our superstar duo of Front Gym Coordinators who work together to create a welcoming and supportive environment at our gym. With their friendly smiles and helpful attitudes, Marina and Marciel ensure that every member's experience is exceptional from the moment they step through the doors.


Front Gym Coordinator

Dainah is your go-to team for all things gym-related. Whether you have questions about classes, need assistance with memberships, or simply want a friendly chat, they are always on hand to assist. Their attention to detail and genuine care for our members make them the heart of our gym's community.